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Effective Date: August 26, 2016

This site (hereinafter "Company", "us", "we", or "our") elaborated the privacy policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") in order to interpret the management of private information, as defined below, and assure you on its commitment towards protection and privacy of personal details and other information used on the website This site (hereinafter the "Website").

We value your rights and realize the importance of your information privacy and security. We use data collection tools, which provide transparency, accountability and available options regarding your personal information and its management.

You will get access to the contact information, which can be used if you wish to delete your private information from our databases.

Only the residents of the United States of America fall under the terms of the Privacy Policy, because the service provided by the Website is aimed at US residents only. Privacy Policy is aligned with and compiled according to the laws of the United States. If you go through the registration on the Website, you willingly and explicitly accept, without limitation or qualification, the facts of collecting, using and transmitting your data according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to examine this Privacy Policy very attentively and learn about the further actions associated with the activity on the Website and how this Privacy Policy influences your rights and liabilities under the law.

In case you don’t accept the practices of the Company and the Terms and Conditions, which regulate its activity, please, don’t perform any transaction, contact This site in any way, go through the registration process or provide us with your details or other personal information to the Website. If you have questions or need explanations regarding any issue concerning our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or other contact details we provide on the Website. If you need to contact us, please use the following e-mail for your enquiries: contact@This site .

this website is itended strictly to the legal residents of the United States over 18 years old. If you opt to use this website you willingly and expressly accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions stated by the Company. You should refuse to use the service of the Website if you don’t understand or don’t agree with the Privacy Policy or other bounding documents associated with the Website or the Company.

1. We Collect the Following Information

By using this Website or the connecting services you provide the information which the Company collects and uses according to this Privacy Policy. Upon registration, you provide your personally identifiable information ("PII"), which we collect and use according to the limits of these policies. "PII" is the unique identification and contact details of the individuals. Considering you render this information voluntarily for the purpose of further using the service rendered by the Website, you can refuse to present PII if you don’t require any service. PII includes but is not limited to the following: your first and last names, the date of birth and contact information (telephone, mail and home addresses, zip, email address, social security number, bank account, financial and employment information, and driver’s license number (all together referred to herein as "PII")). We use your SSN and banking information solely to perform the search and connecting service and we don't share it with any third party unless otherwise is necessary to perform the service you agree to or unless otherwise is required by applicable law

It’s possible that we also collect your non-personally identifiable information ("NPII") when you are browsing through the pages of this Website. NPII is the details we exploit to generate and analyze the features and specifications of Website usage and track consumer behavior so that to administer it according to your requirements. This form of information is collected whether or not you register or voluntarily submit your details on the Website. NPII includes but not limits the following: user’s browser, user’s Internet Protocol ("IP") address, user’s operating system, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp and/or the domain name of Internet service provider, which enables connection.

We leave the right to transmit NPII to the third parties at our discretion.

2. Usage and Sharing of PII

We require your PII when you work with the Website. We realize the value of your privacy, and put all possible efforts and take all precaution methods to correspond to the relevant legislation, including but not limited to the related privacy protection acts valid in the corresponding state or location.

Generally, the information you provide is used to comply with your requirements regarding your request, respond to your application and enable connection with the third party products, services, offers or promotions considering your enquiry. Moreover, we use the information you willingly render to enable protection from potentially fraudulent activity, to exploit it for other reasons after having your consent, and to use for other purposes permitted by applicable law. Before using your information, we receive your authorization for the Company to share the collected data as set forth herein.

When you provide us with PII, we use it to simplify the procedures associated with the access to the services and products of the third parties you have expressed interest in. In other words, we can pass your PII to a third party lender we officially work with so that to provide you with the products and services you have expressed interest in.

Some of your PII (excluding SSN and banking details) can be used by the Company and shared with the authorized third parties to provide better service delivery and perform technical support on our behalf. These third party companies and individuals are bound by the liabilities and in no way can share your information with the other third party or use your information for any other purpose. It’s possible that we’ll use your information to disputes, troubleshoot technical problems, enforce our agreements with you or make the customization of the Internet service possible for you or/and third parties within the limits of this Privacy Policy and applicable laws. It’s also possible that we share some of the information you provide with consumer reporting and other related agencies, authorized to collect this information via third parties.

In case we consider it necessary we can at our own discretion disclose any/all information if it’s legally required, and in other cases to render the information to authorized governmental entities upon request, or if we consider in good faith necessary to: (a) correspond to legal requirements or comply with legal processes; (b) protect rights or property of the Company or our affiliated companies; (c) act for the purpose of preventing crime or protecting national security; or (d) secure and protect the personal safety of our users or the public as a whole.

It’s possible that we may open and transmit any/all the information to a third party who acquires any part or the whole of our business, either by means of merger, consolidation or purchase of a substantial part or all of our assets. Moreover, if in some case the Company becomes the subject of an insolvency proceeding, either voluntary or involuntary, our liquidator or we ourselves, as well as administrator, receiver or administrative receiver may transmit, sell, license or dispose the information in any way by means of transactions approved by court. It’s possible that we inform our customers about the sale of a substantial part or all of our enterprise to a third party by sending notifications by email or through a prominent notice posted on the Website. It’s also possible that in any of the stated cases the data recipients can potentially be located in any country in the world.

First and Third Party Marketing

We inform you that the Company reserves an exclusive right to sell or share some of your PII to/with the individuals including, but not limiting, third party lenders, advertisers of the Company’s network, independent companies or organizations with whom the Company collaborates in a marketing way, information re-sellers and third party marketers, considering some of them may sell information to advertisers and retailers that may present you offers for goods or services (collectively, "Third Party Marketers"). Additionally, the information we transmit can be sold and further transmitted amongst Third Party Marketers with or without using technology information. It's possible that separate lists are created and maintained for various reasons. In case you consider you need to end your participation in any particular list, you can easily unsubscribe using the option button at the bottom of the message associated with the service for which the list is used.

Both the Company and/or Third Party Marketers can use your details to contact you for marketing purposes (using direct mail, email, telemarketing calls and short messages, online banner advertisements). Moreover your PII can be used to track your online activity across different websites in the Web (within the limits of applicable law) and learn about your searching and using habits to improve your user’s profile, as well as to proceed with further advertising for products and/or services and/or to determine the online areas, which you visit most frequently.

Even though the agreement may state the number of third parties, which can use your PII, it’s possible that we can have limited or no access to their privacy practices and thus, have no influence on the way they use your information. For this reason it’s possible that Third Party Marketers can retain or exploit some of your PII despite your refusal to use their products and/or services. You should contact these third parties to learn more about their privacy and information sharing practices so that to get a complete set of information. Please, contact the third parties directly if you wish to eliminate your information from their list or have any questions regarding their services.

By continuing to use the service of the website you agree with the following terms about sharing your information with the third parties and understand the possible outcomes of this fact allowing us to share the aggregated anonymous data from the PII you share visiting the Website or using the service. Among other purposes, your PII can be used to offer you products and services according to the demographic and behavioral information.

You can learn more about the PII and NPII exploitation by the Company and Third Party Marketers in the Section 3 and 4 further in this document.

keep in mind you can avoid contacting with us and receiving more information by refusing to submit your personal information. If you have already shared your personal data and want to opt out and remove your information from our database, you can send us your personal request contacting via this e-mail: contact@This site . as soon as you request to remove your information from our database, you can be sure it’s not used for secondary purposes, disclosed to third party marketers or used by us to send promotional communications any more. still, the company carries no responsibilities from the third party promotional communications sent to you regardless of your activity on the website.

Credit Implications

The third party lenders cooperating with us get access to your personal information and may check, without limitation, your social security and driver's license numbers, as well as any other qualifying information. They use these verification methods to review your information against national databases and determine your credibility, credit standing and/or capacity. Please, consider the fact that multiple requests to the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion and Experian) may result in decreasing credit score. When you enclose and share your personal information using the Website you agree that you enable third parties to verify your information and check your credibility by the means, which these third parties indicate in their terms.

3. Email and Telemarketing

If you register on the Website and accept the terms of the Company, you agree that the Company may provide your PII to the indicated Third Party Marketers and you realize that both the Company and Third Party Marketers can use your information for advertising purposes, including but not limiting in the form of email and telemarketing calls.

As soon as you willingly agree to receive telemarketing calls, Company and Third Party Marketers can start using your PII (including any information, except for your SSN and banking information, which may reasonably be derived from there) for advertising in a direct or indirect form. The telephone number you render (including cellphone) can be used to make calls offering assistance to your loan inquiries, or other credit products or services which appeared the matter of your interest according to your requests (notwithstanding that your number(s) may be listed on a corporate, state, or federal Do-Not-Contact registry, suppression list, or the like).

When you register on the Website you accept the fact that your request and registration are seen as an intent to make a purchase. Your inquiry processing and application aligns with the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq. (the "ATSR"). For this reason, even though your telephone number is listed on the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call List, you accepted and authorized us to contact you via telemarketing in accordance with the ATSR. In addition, when you request the service of the Website or require the information from a Third Party Marketer or other related media and provide your information, you accept that your inquiry is considered an attempt of a purchase. For this reason, it’s possible that according to the rules of ATSR the respective Third Party Marketer can contact you via telemarketing means.

When it comes to all or any telemarketing campaigns, you should keep in mind that you agree and realize the charges and responsibilities associated with this service and you are at least eighteen (18) years old and you are authorized to use the mobile device. It’s possible that your wireless carrier and service provider can collect the information regarding your mobile device usage. The practices of these companies are regulated according to their own policies.

4. How the Company Uses Third-Party Cookies, Web Beacons, Pixel Tags, Log Files and Online Behavioral Technologies

Using the Website or receiving emails you may encounter the usage of Company-related and Third Party Marketer (e.g., advertisers and advertisements) cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, browser analysis tools and web server logs. These features are used to monitor your online behavior, collect the information regarding the operating system and browser you use, as well as monitor the web pages and emails you view, keep track of the IP addresses of the devices you use and contact with the services you use online. Moreover, these tools enable to record the information regarding your clicks and the usage of online advertisements and webpage links, as well as such specifications as the language of you system and the time zones and locations you are in.

When we use cookies, we mean small unique files assigned by a webpage server to the users when they visit these pages and perform activities, such as clicking and linking. Thus, cookies add information about your behavior to your unique profile. These files can be stored in web server logs and on your computer, and later they are transmitted to us or/and Third Party Marketers by your computer. Cookies can decipher your behavior online, show details about your preferences, store the information about your account and browsing habits. Moreover, either the Company or Third Party Marketers can recognize you when you return to the sites and help you get the services tailored to your interests defined by your online behavior. Additionally, these small files assist to detect fraud upon suspicion and help organize the terms to provide you with better browsing experience.

Different cookies have different life length: some are temporary, others last longer. While "session" cookies (temporary) are used to manage page views (apart from other functions) and are erased as soon as you exit the browser, "persistent" cookies (permanent) are stored on your computer for longer periods and used after you exit the session with your browser. You can either make your browser request every time a cookie is set or modify the preferences of your browser regarding cookies in your own preferable way.

Among other special features are pixel tags and web beacons. These small graphic images are placed on webpages or emails so that to allow Company and/or Third Party Marketers to monitor what actions users perform. As soon as a user opens a page or an email, the pixel tags and web beacons start generating the information about the actions performed during the session. They enable to measure the responses to communications and improve related promotions. Read more about web beacons at

IP addresses, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and the number of clicks are log files used to analyze the behavior of users and perform site administration, track user activity, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.

Company and/or Third Party Marketers, as set forth herein, compile various information from cookies and other explained technologies, including but not limiting what website you were visiting before you came to the Website, the website you visit after you leave the Website, and other activities you perform over time and across third-party websites and other online services.

5. Managing Your Privacy

We use different means and analyze your information to make your online experience more personalized. Still we enable the options to limit the information you share with us if you want to limit communication with our service and Third Party Marketers.

In order to close your information from sharing with first and third parties and decrease online tracking from cookies, web beacons and other technologies on a webpage or email (banners), you should refuse to visit the Website, exploit the technologies of changing IP addresses or refuse clicking on or interacting with any advertisements or links.

If you want to know more about cookies, visit and There you will find out how to manage the options associated with browser preferences and learn how to tune, to accept or reject all cookies, or request a notification when a cookie is sent (from different browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome). You can also check your browser individual options via help section and get the instructions on how to remove cookies and get information about other privacy and security settings that may be available.

Do not track disclosure: The industry-standard Do-Not-Track protocol has not been established up to this moment. For this reason the means the Company exploits to collect and manage information are aligned with the terms stated in the Privacy Policy despite any "Do Not Track" signals, which certain browsers may send. Still, if you wish to opt out some certain services from Third Party Marketers, you can go to If you decide to refuse further communication with the Company and/or Third Party Marketers, you can use the instructions in the messages you don’t want to receive, which will show you how to opt our step by step.

If you don’t want the first and third parties to track you online via cookies, web beacons and other technologies within an email message, you can unsubscribe from the email list using the unsubscribe link.

6. Your Personally Identifiable Information Security

Company keeps your PII safe in the database using high-end security system so that to shield it from unauthorized access from malicious programs and provide only accurate maintenance and usage of the stated information. Apart from appropriate physical, electronic and managerial security means and procedures that we exploit to protect you, we implement all necessary measures to shield you against the loss, inappropriate usage and alteration of the information under our control.

Your information is never used publically and the access to the data you provide is limited. Only the authorized employees get access to PII and they are limited to use the information strictly to preform specific functions within the premises of the office and to perform the procedures you gave your consent to only. All the employees who have access to the PII guarantee security and privacy to PII, to the extent reasonably possible. In case any accident happens and any employee fails to adhere to our policies, he or she is subjected to disciplinary actions.

Nevertheless, the Company can’t guarantee for 100% that the security measures will prevent the computers and other devices of the Company to be subjected to violations or other illegal intervention as much as the stored data to be stolen or changed. In such cases, the Company can’t carry responsibility for these actions. Still, you can request your information to be erased from the databases or altered as detailed below.

In case any security violation takes place, we guarantee to inform you regarding the state of your PII in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Apart from that, Third Party Marketers are contractually responsible for protecting your PII to the extent reasonably possible.

7. No Information Is Collected from Children

We encourage parents to monitor their children’s activity online and keep track of the operations performed online by them. We guarantee not to collect any information including PII about the children under the age of eighteen (18) years old. We will immediately delete any information received from children or connected to the PII about a child under the age of eighteen (18) years old.

Considering we don’t receive any information of the kind, we don’t store or manage any data about children, nor we share it with third parties. This Privacy Policy was designed in order to comply with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA").

8. Consent to Electronic Disclosures

Your submission of information through our Website implies that you consent to receive periodic notifications, documents and disclosures from our Company electronically. This consent also applies to the information provided through our Website and any further communications provided by our Company or Third Party Marketers. Through the submission of your information you are implying acceptance of disclosures, notifications and documents from our Company and Third Party Marketers all in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Should you desire to withdraw your consent prior to submission, you simply need to exit the Website or close your browser. Keep in mind that you will not be able to submit any information should you withdraw consent in one of the mentioned manners. After the information has been submitted, you are able to withdraw consent from Third Party Marketers by contacting them directly. Any notifications, documents or disclosures that are shared electronically from our Company or Third Party Marketers should always be considered ‘in writing’ and a copy should be printed for your records.

Per the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and national Commerce Act users agree to apply consent to (i) receive documents, disclosures and notifications in an electronic format; (ii) the information you provide, (iii) and that is shared by the Company and Third Party Marketers in order to conduct business electronically. Once information is submitted and completed, you are agreeing to provide our Company with a complete and correct email address and other required information requested in order to receive electronic notifications, disclosures and documents. Your completion and submission of information through our Website also acknowledges that you have read through and agree to the terms of our Electronic disclosure agreement.

Our Company and Third Party Marketers reserve the right to discontinue electronic provisions of documents and notifications at any time. Our users will be provided with prior notification of terminations or changes as required by law. As the means to process records faster, facilitate electronic commerce and reduce storage expenses, users are agreeing that all records are electronically stored and that neither our Company, nor any third party, is obligated to retain original hardcopy documents for any length of time beyond regulated requirements. This should apply to all disclosures, documents and notifications. Users also acknowledge that all electronic disclosures, documents and notifications can be routinely destroyed after a period of time determined by regulatory requirements. Electronic storage of records, through filming, scanning and imaging, can be completed through internal processes or by third party processes that our Company and any Third Party Marketer would approve to complete these services. You consent that any such records be recognized and usable as the evidence to prove validation of rights, obligations and agreements between all parties pursuant to these records. Our Company will retain information for a length of time that is necessary to provide users with our services.

9. Links to Other Websites and Third Party Privacy Practices

Our Company may provide links to third party sources for additional information and your convenience, and we encourage them to have privacy policies, which protect the use of your PII. However, third party use is not under our control, and we are not to be held liable for any practices or content of such websites. Whether there is a link to another site, or not, you acknowledge that other sites and Third Party Marketers have their own privacy policies and you agree that you have reviewed their collection and disclosure practices before using any link. We encourage all users to become familiar with all third party website privacy statements prior to providing them with any information or enrolling for any promotions or offers.

10. Special Notification for the Residents of Different States

We are a business that is subject to the codes and acts valid in the states and locations corresponding to the individual cases of interaction between the Company and users. It’s possible that in some cases we are required to disclose the identity of any party to which PII information was disclosed to within identified periods. Also, it’s possible that we must disclose the types of personal information shared to these third parties for their marketing purposes. For the residents of some states, who wish to make a request in regards to this information, we recommend to contact our Company directly and process the request individually. We reserve the right to deny the submitted requests that are not relevant to the contact information specified herein.

11. Changes to This Privacy Policy

As a Company, we reserve the right to change, add or remove any portion of our Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Should changes be done to this Privacy Policy, updates will be posted herein and we will update the "Last Updated" date, which is located at the bottom of this Privacy Policy. All information will be utilized in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which was enforced at the time the information was collected. All users have the choice to determine whether our Company utilizes their information in this manner.

We encourage our users to check our Website often to assess any potential changes that could affect them. Changes or alterations to the Privacy Policy regarding the Website use will only be applied after the enacted Privacy Policy are revised and signified your acceptance.

12. Privacy Inquiries or Complaints

Our Company strives to ensure that all PII is accurate and complete. Our users are completely in control of the information that we house in order to service you. Users are able to change their PII any time and as frequently as desired. Users may also request PII to be removed. Some information, if required by law or apart of fraud investigations, may be withheld from deletion contrary to what is explained above.

The Site and related services are provided by This site . If you have a request, complaint or enquiry regarding the services or modifications and access to your PII rendered by the Site, please, contact us via contact@This site . In case you consider your issue treated improperly, you can also contact the corresponding organizations in your state of residence authorized to review or resolve the cases of the kind.